Let Me Hear

剛把片段剪下來,將MV轉成了Let Me Hear(為什麼畫面是以恩x艾絲緹啊~~),順便貼上歌詞。請各位看的時候忽略艾絲緹= ="……(笑)

Let Me Hear



They think that they’ll see flower

If only they give water

But the harvest season’s over

The time has past


Here in the dark I’m sitting

The answer that soon I’m getting

How do I know where it comes from?

Just wanna feel safe with you


*Now let me hear your voice

Just for once

Cause you’ve mixed all my bits

You grabbed all my soul

You’ve taken everything over

Now let me hear your voice

Just for once

You know you can make me smile

You can make me cry

And take me out from these nights of longing*


You know how long I’ve waited

I wonder what has faded

The colour of those petals

Just tried in mud


Give your hand, can you feel now

Close your eves, then you’ll reachout

The feeling you have now

Should be all transformed to love


*Repeat x2



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